Healing with Pyramid

Since the dawn of ages, man has been using various geometric shapes and form for his healing, spiritual growth and advancement. Yantras, Mandalas, and Pyramids are well-known forms that many generations have used in the past. The great pyramids of Egypt, which is also one of the seven wonders of the world is an ancient example of special geometric shape used for healing purposes. In the recent years, many research studies have been published on the use of pyramids for food preservation, disease healing, pain reduction, ease of going deep in meditation inside a pyramid and the list goes on. Many patents have been issued in Russia, Czechoslovakia, India, and other countries for use of pyramid for improving the taste of wine, cheese, coffee, sharpening of a razor blade, again the list goes on. Our main focus in this session is the use of Pyramids for healing, pain reduction and spiritual growth.

3 Types of Pyramids
Generally 3 types of Pyramids are widely used. The easiest one to use is a Small Pyramid, which can be put on the head, while doing meditation. Second type of pyramid is slightly big in size, in which a person can sit or sleep. Third type is the biggest of all the three and is generally a big constructed building in the shape of pyramid. These pyramid buildings are used for either big group meditations or used as hospitals. 

Small Pyramid
It is the simplest of all to use. It can range from 6 inches to 12 inches. It can be worn on head anytime for doing meditation, or just for relaxing and calming the mind. It is also very helpful in reducing headaches. It provides a burst of positive energy (Prana). The energy is focused in the center of the pyramid at one-third height from the base. It can be made up of copper rods or wooden frame or any other material, but copper and wood are the most effective in concentrating the energy in the center. Both closed and open frame pyramid are equally effective. It can also be put on any area of the body which is in pain or needs healing. It is also used to balance all the Chakras, but we would not recommend them putting it on Chakras right now, without a Chakras Expert guidance. In order to feel the pain reduction or healing, it should be kept for 30 mins or more on the body part where healing is needed. The only important thing to note is that any side of the pyramid (as it has 4 equal sides) should face north direction. See the attached image for facing directions. If any of the 4 corners is facing north, instead of the sides, then its effect is reduced.

Big Pyramid
This is a big size pyramid and is for those people who are in serious sadhana or need serious healing, as it provides more healing and spiritual energy than the smaller pyramid. There have been documented cases in Russia and the United States, where people have cured their cancer, just by meditating in big size pyramid and going on a purely vegan diet. These big pyramids are generally made from copper or wooden rods and can vary in size from 6 feet to 10 feet for base length. See the attached image of a person meditating inside a big pyramid made of copper rods. It converts the magnetic etheric energy into pranic energy, that’s why it is important to align any of its sides toward the north direction. To be more precise, a magnetic compass should be used. Just by sitting in the center of the pyramid provides the healing pranic energy, which can heal any pain or illness. The most effective way to use this pranic energy is to do meditation inside it. It is also used for sleeping purposes. It is recommended to slowly increase the time spent inside the big pyramid, as sometimes the too much energy can be overwhelming to handle. You can start by spending daily 1 hr inside it and slowly increase to 6-8 hrs, which is the sleeping time.

Pyramid Buildings
There are many big buildings constructed in the pyramid shape. These pyramid-shaped buildings are used for big group meditation purposes and even some are being used as hospitals. See the attached images of pyramid-shaped buildings. You can easily do an online search to find a pyramid-shaped meditation building near you.

Where to get and Personal testimony
A lot of E-commerce websites are selling small and big pyramid connectors with or without the connecting rods. You can find the details via Online search. If you need exact details of online pyramid shops, them email us, we will send you the list of online websites selling pyramids. Personally, I have been doing meditation in a big size pyramid for the last 2 years and have seen wonders happening inside it. I have seen people healing their migraines, severe headaches, illnesses, even cancers by using pyramid energy. You need to experience it yourself in order to believe it. It’s free healing energy, available to all given by Nature.

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Can i build a pyramid enclosed with healing lights, will it work as good?